After 8 years of living in our home, and tackling projects, we finally made our remodeling way to our primary bathroom! I definitely look at our home and the remodel projects as more of a marathon rather than a sprint! We have slowly been tackling projects one at a time, and of course, our primary bathroom was last on the list of priorities. As much as I wish our budget would’ve allowed it to be sooner, now that it’s finished, it was worth the wait! 

It’s no secret that when it comes to the design of our home, I love a light, bright and minimalist look and feel. When it came to our bathroom, I wanted it to flow with the same style as the rest of our home and have a sense of peacefulness, to where we could take a bath at the end of the night and relax before bed!

I also wanted it to be a place that was practical for our whole family to be getting ready in on those chaotic mornings, where we could throw the kids in the shower while I’m blow drying my hair, etc! You know how that goes!

We had a lot of wasted space before with the box and tile border surrounding the ginormous bathtub! That was the first thing that had to go, and with removing that it gave us so much extra space that we could extend the shower by almost triple the size! We also shortened the vanity size up a bit, so that gave us extra space for a stand alone tub! 

The tile that inspired the entire bathroom was this Celine tile from Bedrosian’s. The second I  saw it in the showroom I knew that it had to be the main shower tile! I love how it looks like a natural stone with the color variation and texture, but is actually porcelain, so its durable! It has charm and looks a little rustic, all while being light and clean looking! I love the glossy finish of it too and knew we had to pair it with a matte floor!

That’s where the Celine floor tile comes in! We also used the Celine tile on the floor but in the matte finish and 2.5’ x 12’ size. The two pair so pretty together and the herringbone layout was the perfect touch to give some dimension to the entire bathroom!

If I could give any advice for designing a shower, make sure you add a shower bench. I was on the fence about it, and ultimately decided to add one based on looks alone, and now I am so glad we did because where would I put my foot up on when shaving my legs?! Seriously though, it is so nice to have! 

The vanity was such a score from Home Depot, along with the mirrors! I had been searching high and low for the perfect size vanity and couldn’t believe Home Depot had the exact look I  was hunting for! A year later and it’s still in perfect condition and I’m so glad I found it because I  was about to get one custom made for double the price! 

Home Depot really came in handy for this remodel because we also got the bathtub from there too! Once again, the price point was incredible and it is such a beautiful (and comfy) tub!

Looking at these before and after pictures it really makes me see how far our bathroom has come, and that even though it took over 8 years to get here, it was worth the wait! It’s now everything I would want in our bathroom! 

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Xo, Britt

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