January 27, 2020

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When Henley and I were first talking about her 5th birthday party we were going through all the potential fun themes that she could choose from! I was throwing out what I thought to be some pretty cute ideas, but then she threw me for a loop when she said “kitty cats!” Hmmmm…a cat birthday party- we don’t even have a cat and never have?! But as a toddler she would walk around the house meow-ing and always had us pretend that she was cat! So I guess it would only make sense that she would want a cat birthday party at some point in her life! So, we rolled with it because she was the birthday girl!

Not really knowing what a kitty cat birthday party would even look like, I of course, had to turn to Pinterest for some much-needed ideas! I was actually blown away by how many cute cat birthday parties were out there and then got excited to plan it!

(Mostly everything was found on Amazon and I have it linked throughout the post!)

Cat Adoption Center

Being that it was a January birthday I wanted to think of some fun activities that would keep the kids entertained while being inside! That’s when the Cat Adoption Center came into play! This is where the kids could choose their favorite pet (stuffed animal) and fill out an adoption certificate where they would name their cat, give it a birth date and promise to love it and take care of it, then seal it with their signature (the kids took this so seriously and it was absolutely adorable!).

I found the cutest pet adoption sign and adoption certificates from Etsy which is also where I got the invites from. I emailed it all over to our local print store where they printed it all up for me!

Cat Adoption Party - Britthorton

As far as the “pets” go, I had to go to Party City about three times to get enough cat beanie boos for all the kids that were going to be there! It might sound a little crazy or overboard, but the fact that this was the main part of the party, I felt committed that they all had to be cats! But ultimately, we ended up having to get 3 dogs because that’s what Party City had and after the third trip searching for these cat stuffed animals, I wasn’t going back! So a few of the kids had dogs and they loved it and didn’t think a thing about it!

kitty cat beanie

Part of the cat adoption center was decorating the cat’s home. I had found some gable boxes at Hobby Lobby for $.99 each and then found items that the kids could decorate their cat’s home with, which was great because it gave the kids something to do indoors and something they all took very seriously, making sure it was just right for their pets.

I laid out stickers, stamps, crayons and glue with pom poms down the middle of the tables, so that they could just help themselves and decorate them however they wanted! This activity, mixed with a good old fashion game of musical chairs, kept the kids pretty entertained & happy before they decided to run around like crazy! Because let’s face it, after some cake & treats, that’s all they really wanted to do anyways!

Balloon Arch

cat birthday party desserts - britthorton

How could you really go wrong with a pink & black balloon arch over some yummy desserts & treats?! I ordered all the balloons here and here from Amazon along with this DIY balloon arch tape. I’m telling ya, if you haven’t made your own balloon arch because it looks too hard, you are missing out! I used to pay over $100 for balloon arches and I’m so mad at myself for that because they are sooo easy to make! I do have a better tutorial saved on my Instagram highlights. You can see videos of exactly how it’s done, but I’ll try to explain it a tad bit here.

First things first, you blow up & tie all the balloons. I use this pump from Amazon and it takes no time at all to blow them all up. Next you start putting the balloons through the holes of the balloon tape alternating directions. This makes the garland look super full! I also space out the balloons to every two holes or so in the tape. Then it’s pretty much done-you just have to hang it! We hung ours by tying long pieces of string every couple feet and then taped that string to the wall using scotch tape! SOOO easy, you guys! And adds so much flare & cuteness to your party! You can even add cute touches to the garland by sticking flowers or greenery between the balloons or adding in tissue poms or tissue fans! It’s really endless all that you can do or add to a balloon garland to make it match your party’s theme!

Cat birthday party balloon garland -britthorton


Aside from the balloon garland, I knew I had to get some cute banners from Glam Banners. Her shop is adorable and can customize banners and décor to fit any party theme! I told her the color scheme, theme and the wording I wanted and she took over from there! She also has fun cake and cupcake toppers!

While searching Amazon, I found these adorable paper fans and these ones that made the cutest backdrop for the cat adoption center table! You could even add them to the balloon garland too for some extra cuteness, but I didn’t get that far! As for the kid table décor, I kept it simple with some pink plaid tablecloths topped with these polka dot paper plates & kitty cat napkins. These milk jars with paw print straws also made the cutest kids cups and I love how they came with a lid! I also filled some tin buckets with “kitty chow” (muddy buddies) and goldfish to tie into the cat theme!

Oh and it wouldn’t be a party without some cat ears for everyone! I found a pack of 12 cat ears for under $15 here! The girls had so much fun picking out their ears and wearing them the whole time!

cat ears birthday favors - britthorton

This party was the purrrfect (couldn’t help myself) way to celebrate our big FIVE year old Henley. The kids had a blast, and all of her kitty cat dreams were made true! Okaayyyy…maybe not all, since we actually didn’t get her a real cat, but at least all her kitty cat party dreams were fulfilled!

birthday party family - britthorton



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  1. OMG I love this post and this party…just purrrfection! My soon to be 4 year old, Peppa obsessed girl is having a pig party and I’m going to try and use these awesome ideas and just twist it to fit our party. THANK YOU!!!

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