February 6, 2021

Let’s chat all things hair…one of my fav topics! My hairstylist Brittany Smithson from @bc_styling has answered some popular hair questions for us! Britt is always on trend and is the queen of that beachy, boho look (plus, she has the best name everrr!) She has the best style when it comes to hair, fashion and even home decor! Just a girl of many traits! She specializes in hair extensions and will be sharing some info about that! I’ve learned a lot from her since I’ve been going to her for the past 5 years and I’m super excited that I can pass that all along on here!

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Q: What are the best products for your hair?

A: Iles formula shampoo & conditioner (good for all hair types & color treated hair). Iles formula also has a finishing serum that you can use on wet or dry hair. It acts as a heat protectant & smoothing treatment & provides hydration.

In Common Magic Myst is also a fav of mine. This is an elixir and can work as a leave in conditioner, heat protectant, smoothing & also freshen up dirty hair! 

Fav Texture spray: L’Oréal Professional Next Day Hair. Smells so good!Hairspray: L’Oréal professional Infium #3 offers little hold with texture

Q: Is it important to use a heat protectant spray?

A:Yes! Always!

Q: Best way to prevent breakage?

A: Turn your heat setting down on your hot tools. If you’re getting your hair colored, make sure your ends aren’t being over processed. And regular trims help a ton too!

Q: What is a low maintenance highlight style?

A: For all my low maintenance clients I do baby lights, but then I smudge the root back down to make the highlights seamless!

Q: What Are The Best Brushes?

A: Glow Beauty Detangling Brush

Q: How do you keep blonde hair bright between color appts?

A: Use a shower filter (Raindrops 901 Shower Filter or the Jolie). Turn heat setting down on your curling iron or straightener because it can turn your hair yellow! If at all necessary, go in for a toner appointment between your highlight appt too.

Q: What are some dry scalp remedies?

A: Use a good scalp scrub and exfoliate the scalp using a silicone massager. You can find one on Amazon here! The shower filter will also help with a dry scalp. Using a salon quality shampoo and conditioner helps too! Seasons can also affect how dry our scalp gets, so you may need to adjust accordingly. Sometimes our scalp get dry if we don’t wash it enough, so there’s a sweet spot between washing it frequently and not washing it enough. 

Q: What are the best extensions for your hair?

A: There are so many extensions out there. Do your research! Make sure you find a stylist that has been educated on them. I do natural beaded rows. However, different methods will work better for different hair types!

Q: What color is on Britt’s hair?

A: Baby lights all over. I smudge her root with shades 5N & 7N. Then I tone with L’Oréal Dialight 10.21 & 10.13 with 15 vol. If she loses any depth, I sometimes throw in a lowlight too! Sometimes we don’t tone at all if the raw lifts to perfection. Sometimes her smudge changes on how light or rooty she wants to be. Another go-to fav is Goldwell Coloranance 7N + 7NA. Other favorite toners are Goldwell 10P and Goldwell 10BS and 10BG.

blonde highlights

Q: How long have you been doing extensions? Are they pricey & what is the maintenance?

A: I’ve been doing them for 6 years now! And continually educate myself on them. Install price is always the most expensive part of getting extensions because it’s all included in that appointment, such as the hair itself, the client’s color, plus the custom color of the extensions & cut. My maintenance pricing is done separately. Example: I charge based on rows & then separate pricing for your color. I do it like this because not everyone needs their color done every single time. You can find more of my pricing & even book appts through my website www.bc-styling.com. On that note-there are a lot of extension methods & they all have different price ranges. The quality of the hair that the stylist uses generally determines the price point. Some people like to invest money in their purses and I choose to invest in my hair! It is an investment, but everyday I wake up & I get confidence through my hair! People find value & joy in different things!

Q: What is the best at home deep conditioning?

A: Iles Mask

Q: What is the best shampoo & conditioner that won’t break the bank?

A: Unite 7 Seconds shampoo & conditioner are great!

Q: What to ask for when getting a haircut?

A: For Britt’s hair we do face framing layers & a dusting on the ends!

Q: What is the best & easiest way to curl hair?


I use the Bioionic 1.25” long barrel. I feel like it glides through the hair so much smoother than other irons I’ve used! I actually have a tutorial on my highlights that you can check out on my Instagram @bc_styling! For a softer wave, I use the Bioionic 1.5” long barrel.

best products for healthy hair

If you still have questions for Britt, or want to inquire about an appt with her, you can reach out to her on her Instagram page

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