August 16, 2020

I’m not shy to say that I love home decor pieces on a budget! Especially with three young kids running around, I’m all about finding pretty pieces with an inexpensive price tag! INSERT IKEA! IKEA is seriously the best for finding inexpensive furniture and making it your own!

We are not DIY people at all, but there are a few IKEA hacks that we have around our house that have held up over the past 5 years & 3 kids later!

Console Cabinet

ikea besta hack -
ikea besta hack -

I love clean & simple pieces and this BESTA cabinet is super cute! I love how it can be used as a sideboard, buffet and even TV console. They have lots of different variations for it, but this is the one we have! It really suits the needs of a TV console because it has storage for cable boxes, dvds, and blankets, etc!

We (when I say we, I mean Chad!) added this hardware from Amazon and that was it! Easy as that to make it look a bit more spruced up! Also, I’m cracking up because I really need to put a picture in that frame! It is still the image it came with! How embarassing! haha


ikea pantry hack -

We needed some extra storage for a pantry since we don’t have one in our kitchen. This IKEA Billy Bookcase pantry hack is one of my favs! It’s the perfect size pantry & looks way more expensive than it is! The whole thing cost about $200!

I’m going to link this blog post here from that I found and followed what she did!

Coffee Table

ikea coffee table hack -
vittsjo ikea hack -
ikea coffee table hack -

I have seen so many hacks for the VITTSJĂ– nesting tables all over Pinterest! And for $80 it was worth a shot to try it out! It used to come in white, which is easier to paint it to the color you like, but that’s nothing some primer can’t take care of! I used an antique gold can of spray paint to spray the metal frame and it totally transformed it into a more elegant looking coffee table! My kids play on this thing, climb under it, etc and it has held up shockingly well! Whenever it starts chipping on the sides or gets scratch marks, we just touch it up with some spray paint! We probably have touched it up 3 times in 5 years!

Like I said, these are all SUPER simple hacks we have done but the amount of diy hacks you can find for IKEA products are endless! I’d love to hear about IKEA hack you’ve tried!



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