September 27, 2019

All the baby essentials you’ll actually NEED and USE without all the gimmicks you won’t! 

Alright, so here we go! This is probably the most asked and most researched topic ever, don’t you think? I know during every single one of my pregnancies I would wake up in the middle of the night (thank you pregnancy insomnia) and would frantically search the internet and Pinterest trying to find the latest & greatest baby essentials that I had to have in order to bring our little baby into the world! I would go through list after list getting more and more overwhelmed as I skimmed through each one, because there are just SO many baby items out there! Don’t you just wonder how in the heck our grandparents, their parents and pretty much the whole human civilization survived and raised babies without all the gadgets we have now?! There are some pretty amazing baby products we have access to these days, but with that in mind, I’m going to be sharing my tride-and-trues, the nitty gritty top baby products you’ll need without all the hoopla! Now, I’m definitely no expert in the parenting department, but with having three kids I can pretty much tell ya what products are worth getting and will ultimately save your sanity when your sweet little babe arrives and which ones aren’t worth your time or money!

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, which means, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase

The Doona

newborn car seat must have - britt horton

I cannot even begin to describe the magicalness (yup, totally just made that a word) of this carseat/stroller! This is a baby item I did not have with my first two because it wasn’t around, and it is a game changer for this third baby who is always being toted around from place to place! I always say, I couldn’t do this mom of three thing without my Doona. This is an infant car seat that turns into a stroller with the click of a button! Let me tell you, the price can seem steep, but this takes the place of your infant car seat and your stroller for going out & about places! Newborns sleep, a lot! And this car seat makes it to where you don’t have to wake them up to transfer to another stroller or baby carrier. Yes, there are travel systems and click & go type strollers, but this is just so easy to click out of the base and pop the wheels open and GO! I use this every single day, multiple times a day! For example, those quick out of the car trips like school drop offs and pick ups, or a trip to the grocery store when you really need that one thing and you don’t want to have to get your baby out for a 5 min grocery run, or even when you’re meeting your girlfriends for lunch and your baby is sound asleep, you just take it out of the carand stroll on in! My little guy just turned a year old, and he is still in it! I will be heartbroken when he eventually grows out of it and my life will be forever changed! Dramatic, but true! This thing is a lifesaver!

Brica Baby In-Sight Soft-Touch Auto Mirror

must have baby items car seat mirror - britt horton

While we’re talking about travelling, a backseat mirror is totally worth the $15! Let me tell ya, when you are driving alone with your new little baby for the first time you will want to see exactly what they are doing even if it’s just snoozing away back there! My third baby just turned one and I still like to see what in the world he is doing & make sure he is okay while his back is to me in the car! This mirror has no distortion and is big enough to see the car seat and your sweet little babe that’s in it! 


must have newborn items co sleeper - britt horton

There are a lot of sleeping options out there for babies! Like, a whole lot! With our first baby we got a bassinet to stand right beside my side of the bed. It had music, it vibrated, it would even rock for you! But guess where that little baby ended up sleeping? Right next to me! I would kick my husband out of bed because I was so scared he would roll over on her, and there we slept-next to that expensive, fancy bassinet that I had to have! Our first two babies are about 2 years apart, so we tried to use that for our second child too, but the same exact thing happened for the first few months until we transitioned her to the crib. Flash forward to baby #3. I kept hearing about this thing called the DockATot, where it was a baby sleeper that you put in the bed with you and it would protect the baby from rolling off the bed & also protect you from rolling over on the baby. This, to me, was exactly what I was looking for all those years! This will replace all those expensive bassinets & will be the only sleep item you need! Then, once the time comes to transition the baby into the crib, I put the DockATot in the crib so the baby still felt safe & familiar at first. It’s also a great traveling item, as well! We took our first trip when our son was 6 weeks old, and we just packed the DockATot with us and it was perfect & easy to use while traveling!

Leachco Podster

must have newborn items baby lounger - britt horton

Okay, this baby lounger is a lifesaver for when your baby first arrives up until he/she starts to rollover. It’s the perfect transition from the womb because it keeps your baby nice and cozy, while also sitting upright! We used this every day! It was the perfect place to sit the baby while I was making dinner, playing with my older kids and just hanging out! My son loved this and was always so content and snoozed away in it! It has a little sling in the middle, where their little buns sit-almost like a hammock! I have friends whose babies had acid reflux and they said this was so nice because it kept the baby upright after each feeding! Overall, I loved this lounger and that’s why it made it on my must have list!

Lollipop Baby Camera

baby monitor camera - britt horton

I’m going to kill two birds with one stone here! This is a baby monitor camera + sound machine! This camera is awesome and affordable too! There are a couple reasons why I love this camera. The first one is because of how it looks! I mean, it’s pretty dang cute in a nursery! Next, the quality of the image is great! It’s super clear and provides a great scope of the space. We have ours on one of the spindles of the crib and it gives us a whole overview of the crib, as well as that side of the room! Now, let’s get to the cool features! It has a crying detection where it detects if your baby is crying and will send an alert to your phone to let you know! It also records 30 second clips around the time your baby is crying so that you can always reference back to see why your baby could be upset. What I love most about this camera, is that it has a built in sound machine with all sorts of white noise options or classical music songs! It has sounds like womb, hair dryer and vacuum, along with Mozart or Chopin. For just under $150, this camera has all the bells and whistles with an affordable price. Which is exactly why I chose it this go around and couldn’t be happier!

Skip Hop Stroll & Go Portable Owl Baby Soother 

must have baby item portable sound machine - britt horton

Since we’re on the topic of sound machines, this portable one is great to have on hand! My babies have always liked a lot of noise! They would literally take 2 hour naps at football games, with the band playing in the stands, over a quiet day at home! I love this portable sound machine because I put it in the car seat or stroller when we’re out and about and it gives your baby that constant sound it needs to soothe. Or in my case, it helps draw out the sound of two yelling sisters in the background! We use this one for travelling too! It’s a little item, but I promise, makes a huge difference! 

Fisher Price My Little Lamb Cradle ‘n Swing

must have baby swing - britt horton

This is kind of funny to me, because it’s super “basic” if you want to call it that! Sure, there are a ton of high tech type of swings out there, but sometimes basic is just better! This is the swing we had with our first baby. It is a little on the bigger side, but let me tell you, when that baby is crying and fussy and you just need an arm-free moment, you won’t care how much space the baby contraption takes up, you’ll just want a happy baby! With our second and third baby, we ended up getting the Mamaroo swing-which is really cool looking, don’t get me wrong, but our babies never enjoyed it like they did an actual swing! My mom had a swing at her house and whenever we would bring our babies over there, they would love to be in the swing and it often lulled them to sleep! Then we would put them in the Mamaroo at our house and they would not be as content! So lesson learned on this one, sometimes basic is just as good, if not better! *Full disclaimer-this is not to bash the Mamaroo. It really is an incredible device, just in my personal experience my babies preferred the Lamb swing more. 

Goumi Kids Mittens

must have newborn item baby mittens - britt horton

Stop what you’re doing right now and go take those generic elastic mittens off of your registry and get some Goumi Kids Mitts. These mitts are a MUST when you have a newborn! My favorite newborn position is when they curl themselves up with their tiny hands held right next to their face! Seriously, just thinking about that little pose gives me major baby fever! Newbornslove having their hands up near their face and are known for scratching themselves constantly if they’re not wearing mittens! The saddest thing is when your sweet baby’s face is all scratched up from their dagger sharp nails. (I still will never understand how newborns have the sharpest nails ever!) These mitts are perfect because they have a two part closure with velcro, not just elastic. These are the only mitts that never came off on their own! Plus, anything made by Goumi Kids is the softest material and they have the cutest prints! I honestly feel like any other mitten is a waste of money and non-comparable to these!

Snuza Baby Monitor

must have baby item sleeping monitor - britt horton

Bringing a baby into this world is the most exciting, magical and absolutely terrifying thing you’ll ever do! For those first several months I just sit and stare to make sure they’re breathing and okay! Half the time I didn’t sleep, not because the baby wasn’t sleeping but because I was awake just looking at the them and watching their chest to make sure it was moving. BUT then the Snuza came along and that since of peace came over me! This is a small motion monitor you clip on the baby’s diaper and it monitors the movement of your baby’s breathing. If there is no motion for 15 seconds it will vibrate to rouse your baby. Then 5 seconds after that if there is stillno motion detected, it will sound an alarm (pretty much a loud beeping noise) to notify you! Now, I know there are several baby sleeping monitors on the market, but what I love about the Snuza is that it’s easy to put on, it’s simple to use & does the job! I don’t need all the high techtemperature and heartrate info (although that is nice, those monitors can well be over $300-$400) I just need something to signal me that the baby is not breathing so I can respond. Having this little device really eased my worry throughout the night, which made me sleep better & we all know how important sleep is when you have a newborn around! I used this monitor up until my babies turned a year old! I’ve shared the Snuza on my Instagram before and I had several people tell me that this monitor saved their baby’s life!

The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Tub with Sling-Baby Bathtub 

must have baby bath - britt horton

Here’s another item where I feel you can really save some money on! With my first we had this baby spa tub where it would vibrate, disperse bubbles and had its own little faucet to gently washoff the baby. Ask me how many times we used those features. Maybe 2 or 3! Realistically, we bathed our baby fairly quick and got them out for some freshly bathed snuggles! I’m convinced there is absolutely NOTHING better in the world than a snuggle sesh with a baby fresh out of the bath! Heaven on Earth! Okay, so like I said, first baby we had that expensive baby spa and then when we stored it away, all the features stopped working, so we tossed it & I chose to go for The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Tub. This tub is awesome! It totally grows with your baby from newborn-toddler and it is less than $20! You’re welcome! I promise, this tub has all you needand my babies loved their bath time in it! 

BINXY BABY Shopping Cart Hammock 

Must have newborn items shopping cart hammock - britt horton

This little baby invention is a life saver and probably the item that will save you most when out & about with your new babe. You set this hammock swing on the edges of the shopping cart, then lay your baby in it, buckle him or her up and Ah, guys, it’s genius! My carseats never fit into the shopping cart, and when on the occasion it did, I could not fit any of my groceries in it! I remember walking through the grocery store one time with my first baby, carrying the car seat through the whole store with one hand, and pushing the shopping cart with the other! This little cart hammock is a MUST with your new babe and allows you to grocery shop with ease! 

Cozys Blankets

must have newborn items baby blanket - britt horton

These are by far my most favorite blankets for swaddling! I have tried the velcro ones that people swear by, but oh my goodness, get yourself a couple of Cozy blankets and that’s all you’ll need for swaddling your babe! The size of these blankets are perfect because they’re big enough to wrap around your baby and tuck in the front, and also give the perfect amount of stretch so the swaddle stays nice and tight! (I get the size small.) Plus, I use mine not just for swaddling, but draping over your baby in the car seat or even as a nursing cover! They’re super versatile and the prints are just adorable!

Welp, there ya have it! All my fav, basic baby essentials all lined up! I’d love to hear your thoughts or anything else you’ve tried and loved or hated, by commenting down below!



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