May 1, 2020

This backyard has come a long way since we first moved in 4 ½ years ago! It is far from perfect & far from where we hope it to be one day, but we love where it’s at & it has been fun to put some blood, sweat & tears into it to see the progress over the years! More than anything, it has been fun to see all the birthday parties, family gatherings & backyard bbq’s it has hosted. Some of my favorite nights ever have been out here watching our babies play!

It’s no surprise that I love everything white, so I tried to keep it as light as possible out here as far as the furniture goes. But with endless amounts of summertime popsicles and ketchup covered hot dogs, grey was my next best pick! I seriously looked forever to find white furniture with grey cushions and I’m so glad I finally did! It still gives that light, airy look but also conceals a lot of dirt!

My umbrellas from World Market & Target are a couple of my favorite things! It’s crazy to think that umbrellas can make such a difference, but they really set the tone for a vacation kind of feel! Plus, when it gets to be over 110 degrees, umbrellas are a necessary item around here!

With the landscaping, I wanted a desert vibe because 1.) 110 degrees can pretty much kill anything that isn’t desert worthy and 2.) Palm Springs is one of my very favorite places to be. So, by choosing desert plants like blue agave and having the small desert rocks, it makes us feel like we have a bit of Palm Springs here in Bakersfield with us!

The plant wall we have was literally thought of when I was walking into Nordstrom Rack one day & saw some wall planters on sale! I knew I had to grab them, then went home & ordered more. I’m so sad because these exact ones are out of stock, but I did find some similar ones! We planted succulents because, let’s face it, they’re the easiest plants to keep alive!

We recently just put up these rattan lights above the outdoor dining table & I love them! I found these lights from Target & we ended up taking out the solar attachment, added in our own rope to hang them by & wireless remote control puck lights. Chad was pretty much in charge of that and took him 30 min to do! So easy! We hung them from our patio using command ceiling hooks!

When we first moved in, I knew I wanted big marquee letter signs to say the word CHILL out by the pool area. I have no idea why or what made me think of that, but I got them, Chad put them up, and 4 years later they are still here!

Like I said in the beginning, this backyard is far from being the coolest thing ever and I hate even using the term “backyard tour” but with summer coming up I wanted to share some links and items we have to help make your backyard feel like your own little Oasis!

Here are the links for our backyard furniture, accessories & planters. Please note that some of our exact items aren’t available anymore, but I searched high & low to find the closest replicas of them for around the same price we found them for!

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, which means, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase

Outdoor dining table *please make sure to measure before ordering:

Option 1 // Option 2 // Option 3

Outdoor dining chairs:

Option 1 // Option 2

Outdoor Sectional (coffee table included)

Outdoor Pool Loungers (Set of 2)

Grey Outdoor Seating Group

3 Piece Wicker Bistro Set

Accent tables:

Option 1 // Option 2

Rattan Lights:

Option 1 // Option 2

Wireless Puck Lights


Option 1 // Option 2 canopy // Option 2 frame & pole

Umbrella Stands:

Option 1 // Option 2

Outdoor Planters (we have one of each size)

Outdoor Table Top Pots

Outdoor Wicker Tray

Outdoor Wall Planters

Outdoor Rug:

Option 1 // Option 2

Marquee Letters (I found mine in store at Hobby Lobby for 50% off)



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