January 10, 2021

Hiiii! I thought it would be so fun to do a little Q&A to start out the New Year and here are some of the questions you guys asked! Let’s get to it!

Q: How long have you and Chad been together?

A: Chad & I met in 2005 and were married in 2006 so basically have been together almost 16 years! Which is crazy to think about! Chad was in the military when we met and we had a long distance relationship for pretty much the entire time we dated & were engaged! He would come home on leave for a couple weeks to a month at a time and I would go see him during my college breaks! Looking back, it’s totally a God thing that we actually stayed together & got married throughout all of that!

Q: How old were you when you got married?

A: I was 19, but a week shy of turning 20 years old! Chad was 21 and a week and a half shy of being 22! I still think it’s INSANE that my parents were on board with it all! Once again, total God thing! My parents have always loved Chad and my dad had respect for him since he was in the military and probably was more mature than any other guy I had dated! Haha

Q: How are you and Krista Horton related?

A: So this is the perfect time to talk about this since this is how Chad & I met! Krista and I have been besties since high school! We bonded over blue eyeliner that I put on her before cheer tryouts our freshmen year! Haha After we graduated from high school, she met Bryce one night that I was out of town and she called to tell me that she kissed a junior in high school! I remember laughing hysterically that she hooked up with someone still in high school and then we pranked called him all the time after that (we’ve always been so mature!) Then they started dating! One night we went to Bryce’s house because his brother (Chad) was coming home from a deployment and that’s the night I met Chad! I told Krista I thought Bryce’s brother was cute, and Chad told Bryce that he thought I was cute annnnnnd that’s how it all happened! Haha It’s seriously so much fun having your bestie turn into your sis in law! We’ve literally all grown up together and us four have seen each other through so much! It’s so fun to see our kids be cousins and I love how they are so close too!

Q: What sports did you play?

A: I did cheer! I seriously had so much fun and met so many friends that I have to this day because of cheerleading! But other than that, I really didn’t do any other sport! My family is super sports oriented though! My brothers played them all, my dad coached football & my mom coached cheer and my sis cheered as well!

Q: Anymore kids?

A: Sadly, no. This was probably the hardest decision we ever made! But ultimately listed out all the decisioning factors and pretty much said that we are so grateful and feel complete with our three babies! As a mom, it was the hardest chapter to close though because the thought of never having another baby was sad for me! We had a little scare and stressful part of our pregnancy with Paxton too and I feel like that had a lot to do with it, as well. But I whole heartedly know that our family is complete and I really do feel so grateful for my three little babes!

Q: How many siblings do you have?

A: I have 4 siblings! 3 brothers and 1 sister! My siblings are all my best friends and we get together a lot, except for my brother who lives out of state. Through my parents divorce after 28 years of being married, us siblings stuck together like glue. I’m so thankful for them! Anytime we’re all together is the absolute best!

Q: How do you keep your marriage strong with three kiddos?

A: This is a tough one to answer because I’m not really sure! Haha I wish I could say we do certain things like routine date nights and things like that, but we don’t! I wish we could, but finding sitters on the regular is tough! I really think it comes down to knowing your spouse’s needs and making sure they’re getting filled or making them feel special even throughout the everyday chaos. This might sound cheesy, but Chad brings me my coffee almost every morning. It’s such a small gesture, but seriously is the sweetest thing to me (you guys know my love for coffee!) but it just shows that he thought of me! We know each other’s strengths and weaknesses too and I think that’s important. I think our time after we put the three kids down for bed is really great & needed too! It’s the time we can talk about anything and everything without kids interrupting us! So, even though we don’t get actual date nights a lot, that time alone at night is kind of like them to us! The more I think about this question, I really think it comes down to prioritizing each other, even amongst the busy & crazy times of raising a family. Chad really is my best friend! But don’t get me wrong, we have our arguments and times where we annoy the heck out of each other but talking it out afterwards really is key!

Q: If you could move anywhere, where would you go?                                      

A: Hands down, back to Dana Point, Ca! We still have family in Orange County and it would be a dream to move back. But to be honest, I really feel like it would be hard to leave our family here in town. We are so close with our siblings and our kids are so close with their cousins that it almost wouldn’t be worth it! BUT, let’s hope we win the lottery and can get a beach house down there someday!

Q: What does Chad do?

A: He is in sales for an oil company. To be honest, I try to understand what he does since he has been in the oil industry for 13 years, but I still feel clueless! Haha He got out of the military and got a job in the oil industry while he was trying to become a firefighter, but then ended up enjoying what he did, so he stayed!

Q: What did you do before being an IGer?

A: I’ve been a stay at home mom since we had Harlyn 8 years ago. But prior to that I was subbing as a special education aid and was going to get my teaching credentials! I have my bachelor’s degree in Social Science and was wanting to teach high school History! Looking back though, I think elementary would be more my jam! But growing up, I only wanted to be a QVC girl! I remember telling my teachers in elementary school that I wanted to be a QVC sales girl when I grew up! I seriously loved watching QVC and the Home Shopping Network and would try to get my mom to buy all the things! I once talked her into a mop and she ordered it and I got so excited! How funny that I still remember that dang mop!

Q: Do you get tired of influencer life?

A: I have to say I really love what I do! This whole thing kind of came unexpectedly, but I really do have so much fun with it! I feel like it’s my own personal version of being a QVC girl but I get to share things that I personally use and love! I’ve always been into trying products and talking about beauty finds or home finds with friends and to get to do that with all you friends that I’ve made on Instagram is a dream! But I will say it’s still work. Meeting deadlines, having to do reshoots at times, and all the stuff you don’t see behind the scenes can be overwhelming because I’m not a tech person at all and sometimes I get super stressed out with certain things because I just don’t understand the whole online world! I feel like such a grandma sometimes! But seriously, I love what I do and I’m really really thankful for it and thankful for all of you hanging out with me and letting me share what I do!

Q: Tips for staying positive as a SAHM.

A: Looking back when I had first had Harlyn, I almost felt like I had to prove myself and my “job.” I wanted to make sure the house was clean, meals were made and almost took the role of being a stay at home mom to the extreme. I remember one day Chad came home and the house was a mess and I hadn’t made dinner and I remember feeling like I failed at my job that day. I can remember Chad saying to me that I wasn’t a stay at home chef or stay at home house cleaner but that I was a stay at home mom and being a mom to our kids was the only thing I should be focusing on. I remember thinking how that was so true. So after that, I put down all these crazy, highs expectations that I had set for myself and focused on just being a mom. Of course the house stuff like laundry & all that still gets done, I just stopped obsessing over it like I used to & wouldn’t feel like a failure if I couldn’t get it all done in a day! Gosh, did I even answer this question?! Haha I guess I could say my advice would be to soak it all in. There are times, even recently where I’m standing there changing Paxton’s poop filled pants, both girls yelling for my help or that they need me, and I have to just put it all into perspective and know that being their mom is the most important job and as hard as some days can be, I will miss it all when they’re all grown up! OH and to have fun! Turn on music and have dance parties with your kids even amongst the chaos. Tonight the dinner dishes weren’t done, schoolwork was still all over the place, but I put my phone away, set everything else on hold and cuddled with the kids while we watched a tv show together! Because those are the moments we’ll remember, and our kids will too! All that to say, there are times I still lose my shit! Haha

Q: Always seems that you are in a good mood. Keep a positive attitude. When do you take time for you?

A: I definitely feel like I’m more often in a good mood, than bad mood, but I get stressed out very easily and that effects my mood for sure! I can also be super feisty! But I feel like I’ve always been more of an optimistic kind of person though (got made fun of in the 6th grade for smiling too much!) but my anxiety can get the best of me lately. I never had anxiety until having kids though and it has definitely gotten worse this year! Overall, I genuinely love to laugh and have a good time and try to make fun of most situations! As far as “me time” ummmm what’s that? I actually hate being alone! I do love to have time with my Bible and devotional and that is the best kind of me time. I notice such a difference on the days where I start my day off with reading the Bible vs the days I don’t! Also, a solo trip to Target or HomeGoods is pretty much a momcation that I love and a good way to hit the reset button us mamas need sometime!

Q: How do you and your hubby talk about goals for the year?

A: We aren’t the kind to set any New Year’s Resolutions actually! But I guess goals are different and we really talk about them throughout the year whenever an idea or goal will pop up! This past week we did talk about some financial goals for the upcoming year though. We took the Dave Ramsey course about 7 years ago (I HIGHLY recommend that course by the way) and we like to plan a lot of our budgeting around that! But ya, I guess we talk about our goals and then just try to act on them throughout the year!

Q: Favorite memory of you and Chad?

A: This is going to be cliché, but hands down my favorite memory of Chad was when I told him he was going to be a dad! I took a pregnancy test while he was at work and when it came up positive I instantly called him and he didn’t pick up! I’m so thankful he didn’t because I got to tell him in person when he got home! I literally was freaking out that day and didn’t call or tell anyone all day! I went & got a pregnancy test (the kind that actually says “pregnant” or “not pregnant” because I needed to see the word!) and a gift bag to wrap it in! When he got home from work I told him I had a gift for him and he thought it was lingerie because it was date night! haha So when he opened it he was totally shocked because he didn’t even know I was going to take a test that day and just ran up to me, picked me up and hugged me ! I just started bawling! I kept saying how scared I was and he just kept smiling, laughing and saying how excited he was! I’ll never forget the smile on his face and him just making me feel so happy too! But gosh, we laugh at some of the memories we’ve had over all these years! Our nights of us going out before kids sure have some funny ones!

Q: Just got engaged, any wedding planning tips?

A: Yay! Congrats! I am the wrong person to ask this question to!!! We’ve been married 14 years and I planned a wedding long before Pinterest and Etsy were even a thing! I went straight to the Bridal magazines you pick up in line at the grocery store for inspo! Our 15 year wedding anniversary is coming up this summer and we were kind of thinking of a vow renewal! Who knows though, we might hold off until our 20 year! Haha But tip of advice for any bride….just enjoy it all!!! It’s one of the best days of your life and all the small details really don’t matter, as much as you think they do!

Q: You seem to be very spiritual in your life. What church did you attend or do you attend.

A: Faith really is everything to me! I grew up non-denominational Christian and still am! I really try to put Jesus first in everything in life and honestly, don’t know where I’d be without my faith. God is my rock! And that’s how I roll! haha (sorry, had to!)

Q: Do you workout?

A: Ugh, I need to! I go in spurts! I was doing pretty good with going to the gym & taking classes, then quarantine hit and I stopped completely! I loved going to Orange Theory though and wish so badly it would open again! For at home workouts I like anything the Tone it Up girls do! I really need to prioritize my health a bit more though and exercise more consistently! Maybe we could somehow keep each other motivated and accountable somehow?!! If anyone has any ideas let me know!

Q: What was your first job?

A: My first job was an interior design assistant for my friend’s mom who is an interior designer! I loved it and had sooo much fun with it! Actually, my sister in law Krista and I started our own interior design business a few years ago but stopped once I had Pax. We had a lot of fun with it and still laugh at all the memories! Like pushing 4 kids through IKEA, Home Depot or Target…ahhhh we were a walking circus!  We once filmed for a possible home renovation tv show that never happened and were also on the Hallmark Channel for our interior design business too! Seriously, so many fun memories came out of that!

Q: Was going from 2 to 3 kids easier than 1 to 2?

A: YES! I think it’s only because you can’t sweat the small stuff and you just feel more confident! I feel way more relaxed this third go around! But 3 kids is for sure a juggling act…especially when trying to get out the house! That’s when 3 feels like a lot! Or packing! haha

Alright, I think that’s it for now! I had some other questions about beauty products, social media & home products that I can answer over on my Instagram account! But these questions were so much fun and I hope a way you all can get to know me a little bit better!!! Especially since we pretty much hang out together everyday on the good ole’ gram!!!



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