April 22, 2020

Alright, how are we all doing out there?! This is week 2359 of quarantine and I wanted to do a check in! Actually, we’re in week 5 now and I will say my motivation is slipping a bit! But ya know what? I am totally fine with that! I started out being the cruise director kind of mom where I had things planned for the entire day! We started out doing the above & beyond in school work every single day, I had fun Pinterest activities for the girls after we were done with that schoolwork and I was trying to make up for life as if it were normal times! Plus, Chad’s job had been busier than ever so it was pretty much just me during the day, trying to keep all three kids entertained and on task! I was kind of exhausted! I was probably putting way too much pressure on myself to be that “perfect quarantine mom” but after about 2 weeks of that, I said screw it! Haha

Have you seen that meme that says there is no reward for the best quarantine mom? Well, it’s true! I now have a different outlook on this whole thing. We are not in normal times, so why try to keep up with life as if it were normal? I’m more focusing on the silver lining of this whole thing, which is non stop family time! We now do the minimum amount of school work on some days, and double the amount on others so that we can get a day off! We pretty much don’t have any schedule at all and we just see where the day takes us! We’ve been taking mid day bike rides, watching movies and coming up with crazy ideas like making up obstacle courses in the backyard or just sitting there eating popsicles and chatting!

quarantine family activities - britthorton

I say there is no right way or wrong way to do this whole quarantine thing! It’s whatever works for you and your family!

If you’re into organizing all the things-GO YOU!

If you’re into not cleaning a thing- GO YOU!

If you’re into all the cute, crafty kid activities- GO YOU!

If you’re watching endless amounts of kid movies-GO YOU!

If you’re simply just trying to survive- You’ve got this-GO YOU!

At the end of all this, I want to look back & say that we had fun & made memories out of a bad situation! I want my kids to not look at this time as being stressful or miserable, but as a time we were able to all be together! We are all living in a historical time, as crazy as that is to think about, and is it tough & stressful at times? Absolutely! Trust me, my husband works in the oil industry and watching these prices drop to historical lows can sure put a pit in your stomach! But it really is a once in a lifetime moment (well, hopefully) to have this downtime as a family and instead of putting pressure on ourselves to make it perfect, I say we embrace the imperfect and try our best to find some sort of joy throughout all of this! At least that’s what I’m hanging onto and trying to think about!

Here are some things we’re doing to keep us occupied:

-Sidewalk Chalk


-Bike Rides

-Board Games

-At home spa days

-Watch movies (lots of movie nights around here!)

-Hikes at nearby trails

-Baking cookies (the quarantine15 is real, y’all)

-Building forts

-Taking family walks everyday

-And playing lots and lots of imaginary games like doctor, grocery store, vet, hotel- you name it, we’ve probably imagined it

Hope you are all staying healthy and safe out there! And please share any ideas you have been doing to stay busy around your house, too! I would love to hear what you all have been up to!



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