January 21, 2021

There is just something about that sister bond that makes my heart melt and I’m so glad these two have each other! After we found out we were pregnant with our little guy, we had talked about what we were going to do about the room situation in our house. Up until then Harlyn and Henley both always had their own rooms, but they pretty much slept together in one of each other’s rooms every night anyways! Which is why ultimately decided it was best to put them in the same room together! Plus, the thought of them making those memories of sharing a room growing up seemed so sweet to me! I asked around to other friends who shared rooms with their sisters and they all said how much fun it was and the bonds it created for them! So, I was ready and excited to make the merge and create their own little sisterhood space!

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The Bunkbed Decision

This was the hardest decision we had to make when putting the girls in one room together. Do we do two twin beds? Do we do a bunk bed? Do we do a built in bunk bed? It was actually pretty overwhelming to think about and I changed my mind a hundred times! The girls begged for a bunk bed, but to be honest, the idea of having them have something that tall in their room that they could climb up on freaked me out! But at the same time, if we did two twin beds in their room, it would be really hard to get a dresser in there! So, I started looking around at bunk beds and found the Mydal from IKEA and loved it because it wasn’t too high. We made the decision to get it and test the waters with it before committing to an actual built in bunk bed which would ultimately attach to the walls, etc. Well, here we are three years later and we still have the same bunk bed and I’m so glad we didn’t commit to a full on built in because this one has been great and still leaves us the option to change it up in the future.

The bedding is all from Target but sadly is no longer available! This does bring me to my next point. Making the bed on a bunk bed is flat out tough and I seriously dread sheet washing day because of it! I wish I had some grand tips or tricks to share with you to help make it easier, but nope! I climb up to the top and have to shimmy the sheets and comforter on there, then get to climb back down and do it all over again on the bottom bunk! Haha it’s quite the process!

But overall, we are so glad we made the decision and it has worked out perfectly for us! And the girls love having a bunk bed in their room!

Bunk beds for a girl's room | Britt Horton

Wall Decals

I saw these floral wall decals from Urban Walls and fell in love with them! I love how they are bold, yet girly and fun! Plus, even though the color is bold, I have been able to add in so many other colors with it! Anytime you add decals or wallpaper it adds personality to a room and these decals were pretty easy to put up!

Bunk bed and rug for girls room | Britt Horton

Clothes and Storage

Classy design tips for girl's room | Britt Horton

Let me just say, having our girls share a room brings so much joy and hearing their little giggles and conversations come out of their room melts my heart BUT the clothes and storage situation straight up sucks! There’s no better way to put that! Haha It is a constant struggle of where to put all the shoes, where to put winter clothes when it’s summer and vice versa. Girls just tend to have a lot of random stuff anyways! They have shoes, bows, purses, jewelry, etc! Sometimes I just look around and have to figure out how and where I’m going to put all these things! But somehow we make it work! I got these cute acrylic jewelry boxes to put their earrings, sunglasses and all the other girlie things you can think of in! I love these because they can easily see what they’re looking for and they think it makes their dresser look like a “boutique shop”!

We also decided to get two dressers that would line the wall to give us the ultimate space for their clothes! Which really was the best decision and frees up a lot of their closet space! (By the way, I do not recommend these exact dressers because they are not lasting us as long as I had hoped and the drawers don’t open all the way! You get what you pay for, people!) But I do love how much more storage space this has given us!

Overall, this room of theirs is one of the sweetest rooms in the house because I can already tell how many memories they have made & will continue to make in there! They help each other pick out outfits, still choose to sleep in the same bed half of the time and like I said before, the little laughs we hear in there after we put them to bed just hits such a soft spot in my heart because I know they’re going to remember these times forever!

Splitting up a space for multiple people can be tough! Especially sisters! But as tough as it is, the good absolutely outweighs the struggles of it all! I really wouldn’t trade this time of them sharing a room for anything! I even get sad when I think about the day they’ll no longer share this sweet space together.

I wanted to link some of the decorative items in their room for you! Here they are!

Rattan Mirror

White and Wood Shelves

Wooden Decorative Signs ( You Grow Girl and Sisterhood)

Gallery Wall Picture Frames

Hammock Swing

*All other décor are finds from places like HomeGoods, Target or Hobby Lobby

Let me know if you have any questions on anything else in here! I’d love to chat and help!



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