September 27, 2019

First blog post–who dis? Seriously though, I am so excited to get this blog finally up & running! I’m so excited to share all that I can’t fit into those tiny Instagram squares and captions! Coming from the girl who hated social media, laughed at the thought of MySpace and cringed when people would talk about Facebook, this whole opening up my life on here thing, seems pretty funny! But that’s how life works, I guess and what makes it so exciting! The biggest lesson here–NEVER say never! 

I figured my first blog post should be a little background on how I even got started in this whole social media world in the first place and what led me to this blog! Okay, so it’s true…I was hardcore anti-social media when it first came out! MySpace was “the thing” at the time and all my friends had one. I was so confused by it though. Why would someone want to post a picture of themselves and let people know what they’re doing at every moment, then have people comment about it all? Then Facebook was shortly after and once again, everyone and their mom’s had one and I was still just as confused. It seemed so ridiculous to me that people would take a picture of them doing random things like making dinner, then post about it with a caption, “making dinner” and I just used to think WHO CARES?! Ha! The irony in this is hilarious, because I have now probably posted several pictures and Instagram stories of me making dinner! So I have pretty much turned into the person who used to drive me crazy! Funny how life works out like that, huh?!

How it began

After I had had my first daughter Harlyn, who is now 7, my cousin told me about an app called Instagram where you could put filters on your pictures to make them look cute and professional. So I downloaded it to filter up all the millions of pictures I was taking of my new baby girl (you know the pictures I’m talking about-where your baby is doing the same thing in all of them but their head is tilted just a tad differently so you don’t dare delete it because they’re all just so cute in their own way!) not having any idea it was an app meant for social media. Once I found out, I was like screw this, I’m not using it anymore-so I deleted it! Then we moved to Bakersfield and all my friends were talking about Instagram and how it was so fun to connect with people we hadn’t seen in years and blah blah blah. So I decided to just go ahead and try it out. I was a new, stay at home mom so I guess something to scroll through during a nursing sesh wouldn’t hurt! You can see my first Instagram post here. See what I mean about the filters! I would pretty much just post pictures of Harlyn and people would ask where I got her outfits from and simple things like that. From there, my sis in law Krista (who kills it in the Instagram world!) told me that Instagram had shops! My mind was blown! I started shopping for Harlyn on all the small shop pages and when I would post pictures of her wearing them (like here and here) the shops would then repost and tag me. Through that, is where people started following me and shops would reach out to me to see if they could send product in exchange for posts! At the time, I was actually surprised it turned into that and it definitely made it a lot of fun to take pictures and post! That’s when it became a little hobby of mine. As I mentioned before, my sis in law Krista Horton really paved the way in the whole Instagram world and I would constantly go to her and ask her a million questions about different scenarios and how to go about them. Since all of that, Instagram has turned into a little business for me, where I now work with brands and do sponsored posts!

Never Say Never 

Flashing forward, I never thought social media would turn into such a fun outlet for me & even now a “job” I guess you could say! From being that once social media hating girl, to now creating a website & blog off of my Instagram page, is pretty hilarious and almost hypocritical of me, but I wouldn’t take it back for anything! Through social media, and now this blog, I have been able to connect with so many people and actually make what I consider to be friends. Now, with all of that being said, I still am very skeptical about social media and how I use it. It’s kind of that love/hate relationship type of thing (but that’s a whole other story for another blog post!). All in all, sometimes adulthood and motherhood can be lonely and scary but having an outlet like this for people to come together is pretty, dang amazing!

Hopes for this blog

For about a year now, I have wanted to start a blog simply because I cannot fit all my words and ideas into those Instagram captions. I guess you could say, I just have a big mouth and a lot to say! I want this to be a space where I not only share things, but that we can have conversations and share tips back and forth with each other! I’m so excited to post random little tidbits like must have baby essentials, kid fashion finds, home decor, beauty tips, the behind the scenes life with 3 kids and just an overall space where you can come, read and engage! As I stated before, life can sometimes be overwhelming and hard, so I hope by creating this blog it can reach out to someone who needs it in some kind of way because I know how much I love reading other people’s blogs and getting inspiration from them! 



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  1. I am so excited to see all the great ideas and pics you will be posting and writing about! You are beautiful and I love all your silly “real life” stories! Looking forward to more, more, more!

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